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How to Prepare Your Commercial Property for Hurricane Season

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Commercial property owners in areas prone to hurricanes know the importance of hurricane-proofing their buildings. Hurricanes can cause extensive damage and put your business at risk, so taking steps to protect your property before the storm hits is essential. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the critical steps you can take to hurricane-proof your commercial property. 

1. Assess Your Risks

The first step in hurricane-proofing your commercial property is to assess your risks. This means looking closely at your building and identifying any potential weak spots or areas vulnerable to damage during a hurricane. Some key factors to consider include the location of your building, the age and construction of the building, and the types of materials used in the building.

2. Secure Windows and Doors

The windows and doors are one of the most vulnerable areas of any building during a hurricane. High winds can cause these openings to shatter or become dislodged, allowing wind and rain to enter the building and cause damage. To protect your building, consider installing impact-resistant windows and doors or covering existing ones with hurricane shutters or plywood.

Hurricane shutters are an effective way to protect your home from hurricanes’ strong winds and flying debris. A hurricane shutter installation is wise for anyone living in a hurricane-prone area. Not only are hurricane shutters an effective way to protect your home from the destructive force of a hurricane, but they can also provide a great deal of peace of mind.

3. Strengthen the Roof

High winds can cause roof damage, leading to leaks and other problems. Consider reinforcing the roof with hurricane straps or other reinforcements to protect your building. You may also want to install a metal roof, which is more resistant to wind damage than traditional roofing materials.

4. Maintain Landscaping

Landscaping can also play a role in hurricane-proofing your commercial property. Trees, shrubs, and other plants can become projectiles in high winds, causing damage to your building and surrounding properties. 

To reduce this risk, ensure your landscaping is well-maintained and trimmed regularly. You may remove any trees or other plants close to your building or are at risk of falling during a storm.

5. Secure Outdoor Furniture and Equipment

Securing essential items before a hurricane is vital if your commercial property includes outdoor furniture or equipment. This can include bringing items indoors, securing them to the ground, or covering them with tarps or other protective materials. This will help prevent these items from becoming projectiles during high winds and causing damage to your building or surrounding properties.

Moreover, adding aluminum impact windows and doors to your property is a great way to secure outdoor furniture and equipment. Impact windows and doors are designed to withstand the impact of flying debris, such as branches, rocks, and other objects, which can damage furniture and equipment outdoors.

6. Develop a Disaster Plan

In addition to taking physical steps to hurricane-proof your commercial property, it’s also essential to have a disaster plan in place. This plan should include evacuating your building, securing valuable equipment and documents, and communicating with employees and clients during and after the storm. Ensure all employees know the disaster plan and have access to emergency contact information.

7. Invest in Backup Power and Communications

During a hurricane, power outages and communication disruptions are expected. Consider investing in backup power sources such as generators or battery backups to keep your business running smoothly. Establish a plan to communicate with employees, clients, and vendors during a power outage or other communication disruption.


Hurricane-proofing your commercial property is essential to protecting your business and minimizing the risk of damage during a hurricane. Furthermore, hurricane shutter installers are an invaluable resource for protecting a business from the damage caused by tropical storms and hurricanes. For those living in hurricane-prone areas, hiring an experienced hurricane shutter installer is best to ensure their commercial property is secure and protected.

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