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5 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Installing Lanai Screening


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Spending time with loved ones outdoors can be a pleasant experience, but it can quickly become a nightmare if mosquitoes and other bugs come buzzing around. With lanai screening, however, you can rest assured that the insect population in the area will be drastically reduced, allowing you to enjoy the evening without any irritating pests. Not only that, but you won’t have to worry about using bug repellent or other methods of keeping the bugs at bay. Lanai screening offers a simple, effective solution to this problem, allowing you to spend as much time outside as you like without worry. In addition to that, Lanai screening can offer that added privacy people long for in outdoor spaces. Plus, it also protects whatever’s inside from the sun’s UV rays.

From all of that, you might find yourself incredibly interested in installing lanai screening on your property. However, understand that there are mistakes that you might make along the way that can hurt the final results.

So, to ensure you properly install and enjoy your brand-new lanai screening, here are the mistakes you must avoid:

Mistake 1. Neglecting to Measure

One common mistake that homeowners make is neglecting to measure their Lanai before purchasing the screening. While it is important to measure the length and width of the area, you should also measure the height of the area from the ground up. This is important because you want to make sure that the Lanai screening you purchase is the correct size for the area. If the screening is too small, it won’t fit properly, and you may have to purchase another roll of screening.

Mistake 2. Not Using the Right Tools

Another mistake that some homeowners make is not using the right tools for the job. When installing Lanai screening, you need to use special tools such as pliers, scissors, measuring tape, and a utility knife. Using tools that are not specifically designed for the task can lead to improper installation and even damage to the screening.

Mistake 3. Installing Screening Too Tight

It’s important to make sure that the Lanai screening is installed correctly. However, some people make the mistake of installing the screening too tight. This can cause the screening to tear or stretch, resulting in an uneven look. To ensure a proper installation, make sure that the screening is pulled tight but not overly tight.

Mistake 4. Not Using Rust-Resistant Fasteners

Rust is a common problem when it comes to Lanai screening. To ensure that the screening remains in good condition for a long time, it’s important to use rust-resistant fasteners such as stainless steel or galvanized steel. This will help prevent the fasteners from corroding and damaging the screening.

Mistake 5. Not Leaving Enough Room for Expansion

As temperatures rise and fall, Lanai screening can expand and contract. For that reason, it is vital to leave a few extra inches of space around the edges of the screening. This can help to stop the screening from being stretched too much or torn due to expansion.


Lanai screening is a great way to provide privacy and protection from the elements. However, to ensure that it remains in good condition for a long time, it’s important to take certain precautions. Avoid the mistakes we’ve mentioned above, and always be sure to hire a professional to help install the screens for you. That way, you can make the most out of it and enjoy your brand-new installation to its fullest!

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