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Reasons Why Homeowners Should Invest in Impact Windows

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There is no denying that residents of Florida are all too frequently subjected to mother nature’s fury. And if you’ve ever experienced that rage, you know that one of the wisest decisions you can make is to take measures to avoid it.

If you want to modify your home to suit recurring conditions, you could always board up your house before every anticipated storm, but it would take too much time and work. When a storm is on your way, making a decision at the last minute can be risky.

By arming your home with resilient, long-lasting armor that is both elegant and sturdy, installing hurricane windows offers a permanent answer to the problem of hazardous weather, which is a constant problem for homeowners. Continue reading to get more insight into this sound investment.

Why Should You Go with Impact Windows?

If a homeowner is unable to relocate or afford to build a new home that complies with current building codes, they must take whatever steps they can to better secure their existing residences. Thank goodness, there are straightforward, low-cost options that provide excellent security.

There are various solutions available for safeguarding your house, place of business, or family from extreme weather. Some are difficult to use, some are expensive, and some are ineffective. Impact windows and hurricane shutters are the most popular solutions.

Impact windows look excellent all year round and don’t require any additional preparation on the day of a storm, even though both hurricane shutters and impact windows can significantly reduce damage during a strong storm. 

Homeowners should also think about how shutters may affect their safety, such as the need to climb a ladder, close them in strong gusts, or do hurried installs or repairs just before or during a severe storm. You need a solution that won’t complicate your life when it comes to preparing for bad weather.

Are Impact Windows Safe?

Impact windows use shatter-resistant film as one method of property security. To seal the glass inside, this film is placed on both sides of the window panes. 

This indicates that the glass will remain contained and in place even if the window is struck by flying debris or exposed to extremely high air pressures. Even if the glass breaks, it won’t blow into your space or worsen the situation.

Some hurricane-impact windows utilize an inner membrane technology that fills the area between the window panes in addition to impact-resistant coatings. The PVB layer that makes up this membrane holds the glass in place and stops it from blowing outward.

When combined with window film, this renders the windows virtually impervious to any form of shattering, including wind speeds of 200 mph or a Category 5 storm.

Impact windows are also far more durable because of their frame design. The majority of impact-resistant windows have frames made of steel, vinyl, or aluminum. 

These frames are resistant to rust buildup, warping, and deterioration over time. Although steel and aluminum frames can be more expensive than vinyl, they are undoubtedly very durable.

How Resilient Are Impact Windows?

Impact windows have been rigorously tested, in addition to being practical and well-built. Impact windows can endure a certain amount of wind before bending or breaking based on their DP rating or design pressure. 

DP ratings stand out since they aren’t merely given based on parameters like glass thickness or window size. Instead, a model is only given a DP rating after undergoing a battery of laboratory tests.

It’s crucial to consider the DP rating while choosing an impact window. In order to be able to endure the majority of hurricane level 5 wind speeds, impact windows should normally have a rating of at least DP 50 for residents of Florida and other coastal towns.


Impact windows are definitely a wise purchase; you can be sure of that. It’s one of the best renovations you can do to recoup your investment. 

By purchasing impact windows, you may also be qualified for a tax rebate and a decrease in your insurance. Given its many advantages, the upcoming renovation of your home should take this adaptable product seriously.

Precision Aluminum & Remodeling can help you with aluminum impact windows and doors in Cape Coral. We also offer lanai enclosures, acrylic windows, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, screen rooms, and storm shutters. Contact us today to learn more!

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