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Maintenance Guidelines for Impact Windows and Doors

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You must do the necessary maintenance to extend the life of your hurricane-proof windows and doors. Strong hurricane-force winds that are flying at speeds greater than 100 mph won’t harm your home if you have a window and glass door system with a good impact-resistant glazing system.

A premium glass door system is also a substantial investment that costs a lot of money. In order to prevent frequent repairs that could be expensive in the long term, it makes sense to protect your investment.

Here are some maintenance suggestions for your hurricane-glass windows and doors.

Utilize Seasoned Experts to Install Your Glass Door System

Windows and doors that are hurricane-proof are only as good as the installation. Impact-resistant doors and windows that were improperly installed will be worthless and have a higher possibility of breaking during powerful hurricanes. 

After purchasing the highest quality impact glass doors, you want the most skilled professional to install them.

Professionally built glass door systems will need fewer repairs. The hurricane-resistant doors may be kept in excellent condition with routine maintenance. 

Make sure that a professional installs your hurricane glass windows and doors before you create a maintenance program.

Check the Glass’s Coating for Indications of Damage

Typically, a polyvinyl butyral interlayer and a specific shield coating are used to protect high-impact glass doors and windows. The coating increases the strength of the glass, preventing it from being broken by objects and debris flung by hurricanes. 

You should have your maintenance crew thoroughly check the glass doors after a hurricane to look for any scuffs, cracks, or scratches.

The top coating should be replaced with a fresh film if you discover that it has been disturbed. When another cyclone hits, even slight flaws in the covering might be disastrous. 

Additionally, fractures in the covering could permit dangerous UV rays into your home.

Take Out Any Dirt or Debris from the Frame

You should probably instruct your maintenance crew to properly clean the glass door system. Regular washing with water and soap will eliminate any dust that has built up on the glass surface, but it won’t get rid of the filth trapped in the frames. 

The cleaning team must go above and beyond to thoroughly remove the material wedged between the glass and the frame.

The edges of the glass may crack if the dust is allowed to build up over time. The little cracks will eventually become larger. They might even cause the entire glass to shatter during a big hurricane. 

Your cleaners should take their time to clear off any dust that may have gotten stuck in the frames. The dust that has been trapped can be released by creatively cleaning it with a moist cloth.

Avoid Adding Additional Film to Impact Glass Doors

You should install your impact glass doors exactly as they are without adding any additional film. A high-grade woodpile with an incorporated plastic fin is used to strengthen impact-resistant glass doors and windows that are made of 6005 T aviation-grade aluminum 1/8″ thick. 

They also go through many large missile winds and tiny missile wind tests to guarantee quality.


The best way to safeguard your home against hurricanes is to install high-impact glass doors and windows. Impact glass door manufacturers seek the best and most durable materials to create premium glass doors and windows. 

You won’t likely improve the quality of your glass doors and windows by adding additional films, so there is no need to do so.

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