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How to Maintain Your Hurricane Shutters’ Best Condition

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Hurricane shutters are essential to any home, especially if you live in storm-prone areas. They can protect your property and the things inside it from strong winds, heavy rain, and flying debris. Installing them may also help increase your property value. 

However, your work doesn’t stop after installing them onto your property. You must also educate yourself on the proper maintenance tips to avoid premature replacements and expensive mistakes. 

If you want to protect yourself during storm season, this article will provide six tips to maintain your hurricane shutters’ best condition. We’ll also enumerate the different types of this item. 

1. Perform DIY Maintenance

While seeking professional assistance can help, you must also know the proper DIY upkeep steps. You can prepare your hurricane shutters for the storm season by visually inspecting the tracks and shutters, removing debris, and cleaning them with mild detergent. 

You should also open and close them at least every six months and lightly spray tacks and hinges with clear silicone oil. 

2. Schedule an Annual Inspection 

The last thing you want during a storm is to encounter unpleasant surprises. Fortunately, you can protect yourself better by inspecting and servicing your hurricane shutters annually before hurricane season begins. 

While you can do this step yourself, it can be time-consuming, and you may miss signs of potential damage, especially if you’re inexperienced in hurricane shutter maintenance. On the other hand, professional inspections can save you time and hassle because they’ll identify and address issues like malfunctioning cranks, dents, or motors. 

3. Repair Broken Motors and Slats

You must immediately repair your hurricane shutters if it has broken motors or cranks. It’s also the best time to upgrade the malfunctioning component. Moreover, adding a remote detector or switch can make your life easier during storm season. 

4. Schedule Professional Repairs 

Most professionals don’t recommend DIY hurricane shutter repairs because they can cause more harm than good. However, if you want to pursue the DIY path, you must consult an expert first to determine if you can repair the damage and get an estimate of the cost. 

On the other hand, while scheduling professional repairs may cost you some money upfront, it will help you get peace of mind and protect your home from the next storm. 

5. Replace When Necessary

Sometimes we wait to replace damaged hurricane shutters because we don’t have money for new ones. While other homeowners may think this can help them find suitable options and save money, this harmful practice can cause more harm than good, especially if you’re expecting hurricane season. 

Whether on a tight budget or got enough money to buy new ones, you should immediately replace your damaged hurricane shutters before the storm lands. 

3 Types of Hurricane Shutters 

After discussing the best maintenance tips, this section will enumerate the three common types of hurricane shutters. 

1. Accordion Shutters

Accordion hurricane shutters are an excellent option for homeowners who want to protect their windows from strong winds, flying debris, and other damage. Unlike using plywood, this option is more cost-effective and durable. 

Manufacturers design these shutters to fold in from the sides and meet in the middle, providing a sturdy and secure barrier. 

2. Bahama Shutters

Bahama hurricane shutters can protect a home by folding down and locking into place, making them more secure than other options. While they’re heavier and more expensive, you can leave them open when you’re not using them. 

3. Roll-down Shutters

Roll-down hurricane shutters can protect your windows from high winds and debris during a storm. They’re available in motorized or hand-crank models.


No homeowner deserves to face unpleasant surprises during storm season because of damaged hurricane shutters. You can maintain their best condition by keeping up with the required upkeep, scheduling annual inspections, and repairing and replacing when needed. 

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