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Your Guide to Knowing Why Florida Pools Have Enclosures


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Whether hosting a pool party in your backyard or getting an invitation from your best friends, these events are a memorable way to spend the summer. It lets you cool off while socializing with family and friends. They’re also one of the most incredible ways to destress from your daily routine while staying active. 

One of the best ways to cherish it is to attend or host one in Florida. However, as you go to the next community event, you may wonder why many pools have screen enclosures above them. 

If you’re wondering why Floridians do this and if you should consider getting one for your pool, this article will discuss the benefits of adding screen enclosures. We’ll also enumerate some popular types of screen enclosures to consider. 

5 Benefits of Adding Screen Enclosures to Your Pool

Before diving into the different types of screen enclosures, this section will explain why you need these significant investments for your swimming pool. 

1. Keep Out Unwanted Pests

Nobody wants to relax in a home pool when mosquitoes gather around you. Besides being annoying, these pesky creatures can bring potentially deadly diseases like dengue and malaria. 

Fortunately, you can swim in your pool without worrying about getting mosquito bites or being bothered by annoying buzzing in your ears by investing in screen enclosures. These modern devices have fine netting that even the smallest insects can’t pass through.

2. Protect against Ultraviolet Rays

While Florida is best known for its abundance of sunny days, remember that prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays can damage the skin. You can offer optimal protection for you and the guests by installing a pool screen enclosure in your home. 

3. Enhance Privacy and Security 

Screen enclosures allow you to adjust their opacity and enjoy your pool without worrying about anyone peeking in. These home investments can also be an effective way to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your pool area. 

4. Improve Safety 

When you have a pool at home, safety must always come first, especially if you have small children. If you have kids that you can’t leave alone at the pool, you can ensure their safety by installing a pool screen enclosure. Some models have entry handles that are out of reach or too complicated for children to use, preventing them from entering the area unsupervised and potentially falling into the pool. 

5. Prevent Unwanted Debris 

Nobody wants to swim in dirty pools because they’re unsightly and can cause unpleasant health issues. Many Floridian homeowners purchase pool enclosures to ensure their swimming space remains clean and free from bugs and debris. Manufacturers design them with a fine net that blocks dirt, twigs, leaves, and other unsightly objects from entering the pool. 

3 Popular Types of Pool Enclosures

Besides the practical benefits, many homeowners invest in screen enclosures for their pools because they’re available in different options. Here are the three popular types you can consider for your property. 

1. Dome Roofs 

A pool enclosure with a dome-shaped roof can make the area look spacious. This design also safeguards your outdoor living space against powerful winds, especially during harsh weather conditions. 

2. Gable Roofs 

A-frame roofs or triangular enclosures are best known for their two sloping sides forming triangles. Many Floridian homeowners love this choice because they resemble the typical roof design in the state. 

3. Mansard Roofs 

These pool enclosures are popular because they provide a spacious and stylish design for outdoor living spaces. Its roof also inclines upwards on all sides and has a flat midsection. 

Final Thoughts 

Everybody deserves a pool party free of accidents, debris, and pests. You can help everyone enjoy a better gathering by investing in high-quality screen enclosures for your swimming space. 

If your pool needs reliable Cape Coral screen enclosures, contact Precision Aluminum & Remodeling! We offer pool enclosures with customizable screen meshes for privacy and UV protection. They also meet building codes for wind resistance. Call now for a free consultation! 

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