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How Impact Windows Benefit South Florida Construction Projects


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The most powerful hurricanes that hit the United States usually make landfall in South Florida. As a result, the Florida Building Code (FBC) requires impact-resistant windows to be fitted in structures within one mile of the shore with wind gusts more than 110 miles per hour. 

Impact-resistant windows should be used in all construction projects, especially in South Florida. Read on to discover the reasons for this and why you should consider impact-resistance windows for your next structure.

Impact-Resistant Windows Preventing Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes cause extensive property damage and can even kill individuals. Hurricanes wreak the most havoc on houses and businesses that lack impact windows. Hurricanes of Category 5 strength, such as Storm Irma, which made landfall in Florida in 2017, can cause significant damage to structures with standard glass windows or windows that do not provide enough hurricane protection. The NAFS and the AAMA both perform significant hurricane-resistant window testing with missile projectiles. Impact windows must pass two tests in order to be approved.

Impact-resistant windows from Rampart 5500. Windows with a permanent impact-resistant coating give complete storm protection. You’re looking for structures that can endure hurricanes while still protecting their people. Every building’s windows must be constructed with high-impact glass. As a result, you will be in compliance with the Florida building code.

Impact-Resistant Windows Offer Improved Structure and Appearance

Glass windows not only improve the aesthetics of your building, but they also protect it from hurricanes. Hurricane glass windows, which are commonly seen in high-rise apartments, provide unobstructed views of the outside world. 

You can achieve this goal by installing glass windows that provide clients with a view that is immaculate from both a technical and an aesthetic aspect. As a result, adding impact windows in your building will not only improve its appearance but will also protect it from catastrophic hurricanes.

Impact-Resistant Windows Keep Break-Ins at Bay

It is incredibly tough to break through impact glass windows. Impact windows, like automotive windshields, will not shatter until struck with a sharp metal rod. If they can avoid it, intruders may not invest the time required to smash hurricane-resistant windows. 

Impact-resistant windows are significantly less likely to shatter. Impact windows are utilized by contractors all around the country to dissuade theft, including in areas where storms do not occur. Another reason why hurricane-resistant windows should be installed in new structures.

Impact-Resistant Windows Are Built to Be Energy Efficient

South Florida is consistently one of the warmest places in North America due to its location. For starters, because of its proximity to the equator, Florida receives more sunlight than the other states. Florida’s shores, which touch both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, are warm. 

Due to Florida’s extreme heat, additional air conditioning is required. Energy efficiency can be improved by using laminated hurricane impact windows with low emissivity (LoE) coatings and laminates. Buildings can maintain a more comfortable temperature during the summer months thanks to windows with a high impact rating. Homes with glass-impact windows are more comfortable to live in during the winter months. As a result, total energy costs are significantly reduced. Modern homebuyers prefer energy-efficient homes.


Now, you can see why the use of impact windows in South Florida construction projects is advantageous. Your structures will be hurricane-resistant, energy-efficient, appealing, and good at deterring robbers. With impact-resistant windows, you will also gain points with the local authorities in South Florida, as this is a requirement of the Florida Building Code.

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