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Things to Consider before Hiring a Screen Enclosure Contractor


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You’ve probably thought about installing a pool screen enclosure in your backyard and are well aware of its advantages. But did you know that choosing a screen enclosure contractor requires you to take into account every factor as well? We’re not talking about hiring a deck builder or a yard fence installer who specializes in screening. We’re talking about hiring a local screen enclosure specialist who is knowledgeable about the entire pool enclosure construction process.

That said, you must make an informed choice before selecting a screen enclosure contractor by doing some research on the pool or patio enclosure process. Below are just a few tips to help you along the way.

1. Know Your Budget

Although you’d undoubtedly prefer to consider patterns and aesthetics, the sort of enclosure you choose is heavily influenced by your budget.

A straightforward privacy screen on a patio in the rear keeps out UV rays and insects at a reasonable cost. However, a sizable pool placed distant from your house could need a specialized isolated enclosure, which is a little more expensive. The size of your pool and patio, among other things, will ultimately affect how much your screen enclosure will cost.

2. Choose an Enclosure Design

You’ll need to provide answers to a few questions once you have your budget figured out. Do you prefer a pool enclosure that stands alone or one that extends from your home? Are there any trees or other obstructions that would disrupt the area?

In essence, you must:

  • Analyze the size and placement of the pool in your area.
  • Select your materials, such as upgraded decking, an enclosure style, and a screen type.
  • Remove any landscaping or trees that may be in the way of the new enclosure.

You can choose a screen patio enclosure that is specially made to look like an addition to your home or one that merely screens in a small area. You may also get advice on the best design and get any queries you might have answered by speaking with a qualified constructor.

3. Selecting a Professional Contractor

You should select a skilled screen enclosure contractor for the project after determining your budget and having a design in mind. While some builders may create amazing patios, others may create excellent decks. Do these builders have expertise in installing patio and pool enclosures, though? You’ll have to ask yourself that.

4. Verifying Their Credentials

When they claim to be licensed and insured, you can’t just take them at their word. It is irrelevant if they have it on their business card because anyone may have their cards produced with whatever information they want. The actual business license must be examined; that is what you need to ensure early on.

Visit a nearby licensing website to look for documentation of their business license. They can’t fabricate something like that!

5. Check Their Online Reviews

Verify the reviews to ensure that they are reliable. Many unethical businesses employ writers to create favorable online reviews of their products or services. The phrasing of the fakes will typically make them easy to identify. Real consumers write their reviews in the same way they would if they were recommending the company to a friend, in contrast to the industry jargon sometimes used by reviewers who write for a living. Searching for the reviewer online to confirm they are a real person with a real life who would be getting screen enclosure repair in your area is another technique to sift out the bogus reviews.


Indeed, there are a few things to keep in mind before hiring a screen enclosure contractor. First, be sure to get multiple quotes and compare prices. Second, ask for references and check them out. Finally, make sure the contractor is licensed and insured. By following these tips, you can be sure to find a reputable contractor who will do a great job on your screen enclosure.

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