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Why DIY Window Shutter Installation May Not Be the Best Option

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Window shutters are an important part of any home. They help to protect your home from the elements, keep it looking nice and add a touch of beauty and elegance.

However, if you’re considering doing the installation yourself, you should reconsider. While DIY window shutter installation may be possible, it’s not necessarily the best option.

Window shutters are more than just a piece of wood with some hinges. They are designed to keep your home safe and secure while providing privacy and protection from the elements. Below are the top five reasons you should leave the installation of window shutters to professionals.

1) An Accurate Measurement is Essential 

A measurement just off by a few inches here or there can make all the difference when installing window shutters. Even with the right measurements, it’s easy to make a mistake when installing window shutters. You’re dealing with extremely delicate materials; even small mistakes can compromise your window shutters’ integrity. A professional will have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your window shutters are installed correctly and look great.

2) It’s an Extremely Difficult Job 

Installing window shutters is not a job for amateurs. You need someone with experience working with shutters, especially ones made of wood. If you attempt this project on your own, there’s a good chance you will make mistakes that could cost you time or money in the long run.

3) It Takes a Lot of Time 

Installing window shutters is something other than what can be done in the afternoon. You need to make sure that each shutter is cut perfectly to size, and then you need to paint it and stain it, so it looks good with your house. Even if you have experience doing this kind of work, expect it to take at least two or three days before you have all of the window shutters installed correctly.

4) Window Shutters Last Longer Than You Think 

When you leave the installation of window shutters to professionals, they know what materials are best for your home and its windows. They will also ensure that everything is installed properly, so your new shutters will last for years. The average life of a window shutter is between 10 and 25 years. Depending on its quality and how well it’s installed. If you leave the installation to professionals, they will use high-quality materials that will last for years.

5) Professional Installation Ensures Your Safety

The installation of window shutters requires more than just a few screws. They must be installed properly to ensure they won’t come loose and fall off, which could result in serious injury. When you leave the installation of your new window shutters to the professionals, they will ensure everything is installed so that it works as intended—and stays put.


It’s essential to take your time when considering whether or not to install window shutters in your home. While DIY window shutter installation is possible, it’s not always the best option. When you hire professionals, they can properly measure your windows, provide a design that fits your home, and ensure all of the materials are up to code before installation.

When you contact an expert at Precision Aluminum & Remodeling, you’ll be able to enjoy the added value and beauty of storm shutters. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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