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3 Tips for Decorating the Garden in Your Screen Room

screen room garden

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When designing your screened room, you could include various plants of different shapes and heights to create a unique and interesting look. Selecting flowering plants and those with bright foliage will bring a splash of color to the area. Vines like honeysuckle and trumpet can be an excellent choice. Other plants suitable for a screened room are spider plants, coleus, English ivy, trailing begonia, and flowering maple. Hydrangeas, rhododendrons, Japanese yews, or azaleas would work well for areas with more shade. Finally, hostas, impatiens, torenia, periwinkles, and salvia can thrive in heavier-shaded spots.

What Is a Screen Room?

A screen room is an outdoor living space usually connected to the home and covered with screens. The screens provide a barrier between the outdoor and indoor spaces, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor air and views while being protected from bugs and debris. A screen room is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the elements. Screen rooms can also be used for entertaining, relaxing, and gardening. They are also a great way to extend the living space of a home.

With that said, here are three tips for decorating the garden in your screen room:

1. Decorate with Eye-Catching Plant Containers

One of the most fun parts of decorating a lanai is selecting the containers for the plants. Let your creativity come alive, and choose some containers to bring a cheerful atmosphere to the lanai. Whether you go with bright, eye-catching colors or prefer something more subtle. You can even get creative with the shapes and sizes of your containers. Instead of settling for a basic clay pot, why not try painting them to make them your own? There’s no limit to what you can do to make your lanai look as unique as you are.

2. Fill the Space with Leaves

Bromeliads are tropical plants with strappy leaves that can be placed in large containers as a single specimen or in a group. They bloom all year in warm climates but must be brought inside in cold weather. When the temperature is mild in spring, they can be moved back outside to a sunny area but should be moved to a shady spot if it gets too hot.

3. Combine Plants with Varying Shapes and Colors

Different types of plants with different shapes and colors of leaves and different types of flowers can be found living side by side in a tropical jungle. Placing two plants next to each other, such as a Majesty palm and a Boston fern, can create a beautiful contrast in colors and textures that will add to the overall beauty of the rainforest atmosphere. With some creativity, you can create your own little slice of paradise in your home by creating a tropical rainforest-like environment.


Decorating the garden in your screen room is a great way to accentuate the aesthetic value of your outdoor space. By following these three tips, you can easily and effectively spruce up your garden and make it more enjoyable. With the help of these tips, you can make the most of your screen room and create a lasting impression on your guests.

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