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Create the Perfect Outdoor Living Space with Expert Lanai and Screen Enclosure Solutions


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Outdoor living is an integral part of the Florida experience, with homeowners cherishing opportunities to spend more time outdoors enjoying the state’s gorgeous weather, scenic beauty, and vibrant flora and fauna.

By investing in a well-designed lanai and screen enclosure, you can create a comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and functional outdoor living space for your Florida home – one that seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor environments.

Precision Aluminum & Remodeling, a veteran-owned, family-operated home improvement company, specializes in crafting custom lanais and screen enclosures, enabling homeowners in Charlotte, Lee, Collier, and Sarasota counties to realize their ultimate outdoor living dreams.

In this informative blog post, we will explore the various design aspects and benefits of a custom lanai and screen enclosure, discussing the different types of enclosures, materials, and configurations to consider for your Florida home.

Furthermore, we will provide tips on selecting the perfect features and layouts to suit your lifestyle, design vision, and budget. Embrace the opportunity to create a truly exceptional outdoor living space by entrusting the professionals at Precision Aluminum & Remodeling, who pride themselves on delivering exceptional quality, value, and personalized service.

Turn your outdoor living aspirations into reality with the help of Precision Aluminum & Remodeling Their commitment to uncompromising craftsmanship, attention to detail, and customer satisfaction will ensure you enjoy a truly unmatched outdoor living experience.

From creating a cozy lanai for relaxation and entertaining to constructing a versatile screen enclosure that expands your living space and protects you from insects and harsh weather elements, Precision Aluminum & Remodeling brings innovation and expertise to your Florida home.

Understanding the Key Components of a Lanai and Screen Enclosure

A lanai is a covered outdoor living space attached to your home that serves as an extension of your living area. A screen enclosure complements a lanai by enclosing it with insect-resistant screens and functional doors, providing protection from pests and outdoor elements. Here are some key factors to consider when creating your custom lanai and screen enclosure:

  • Covered Area and Roofing Options: The size and shape of your lanai will depend on your available outdoor space and intended uses. Roofing options for a lanai include flat pan roofs, insulated composite roofs, or structural roof panels that integrate with your home’s existing roofline.
  • Screen Enclosure Material and Design: High-quality aluminum framing is the preferred choice for screen enclosures, with a range of finishes to match your home’s style. Screen mesh options include fiberglass, high-strength polyester, or pet-resistant mesh, each providing varying levels of durability and visibility.
  • Doors and Entryways: Consider incorporating screen doors, French doors, or sliding glass doors to ensure easy access to your outdoor living space, while maintaining the protective barrier against insects and debris.

Selecting the Perfect Features for Your Florida Lifestyle

Customize your lanai and screen enclosure to reflect your needs and preferences, taking into consideration the following aspects:

  • Flooring Options: Opt for a flooring material that is durable, low-maintenance, and suitable for outdoor use, such as concrete, pavers, or porcelain tiles.
  • Outdoor Furniture and Décor: Furnish your lanai with comfortable seating, a dining area, or even a built-in bar or outdoor kitchen to maximize your outdoor entertaining potential.
  • Lighting and Ceiling Fans: Choose ambient lighting for your covered area, and consider installing ceiling fans for added comfort and air circulation.
  • Plants and Landscaping: Incorporate native Florida plants and greenery to enhance your outdoor living space, taking into account sunlight exposure and ease of maintenance.

Benefits of a Custom Lanai and Screen Enclosure

Investing in a custom lanai and screen enclosure offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Expanded Living Space: A lanai and screen enclosure extend the usable living space of your home, providing additional square footage for relaxation, socializing, or dining.
  • Protection from Insects and Debris: Screen enclosures keep out unwanted pests, such as mosquitos, flies, and other insects, as well as debris from leaves, dirt, and pollen, ensuring a comfortable and clean outdoor living environment.
  • Enhanced Home Value: A well-designed lanai and screen enclosure can increase the appeal and value of your home for potential buyers, showcasing an attractive and functional addition to the property.
  • Increased Privacy and Security: Screen enclosures can provide additional privacy and security, preventing unwanted intruders or wildlife from entering your outdoor living space.

Partnering with Precision Aluminum & Remodeling for Expert Lanai and Screen Enclosure Solutions

Ensure a seamless lanai and screen enclosure project by enlisting the expertise and experience of Precision Aluminum & Remodeling for the following reasons:

  • Consultation and Design: Their team of professionals will work closely with you to assess your outdoor space, design preferences, and lifestyle needs, formulating a custom lanai and screen enclosure plan tailored to your unique requirements.
  • Quality Materials and Craftsmanship: Precision Aluminum & Remodeling utilizes high-quality materials and industry-leading construction techniques, ensuring a long-lasting and visually appealing outdoor living space.
  • Licensed and Insured Services: As a licensed and insured home improvement company, Precision Aluminum & Remodeling adheres to all local building codes and permitting requirements, providing peace of mind throughout your project.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The team at Precision Aluminum & Remodeling prides itself on exceptional customer satisfaction, providing ongoing support and communication to ensure a delightful and seamless customer experience.


Creating a custom lanai and screen enclosure for your Florida home allows you to fully embrace your outdoor living potential, enhancing your overall quality of life. By collaborating with the experts at Precision Aluminum & Remodeling, you can design and build the perfect outdoor living space that caters to your lifestyle, design vision, and budget.

Tap into their dedication to exceptional craftsmanship, personalized service, and unmatched industry expertise to transform your home and elevate your outdoor living experience. With a lanai and screen enclosure tailored to your unique needs and preferences, you’ll be well on your way to fully enjoying Florida’s beautiful weather and breathtaking scenery in the comfort of your own home.

Looking to transform your outdoor living space? Look no further than Precision Aluminum & Remodeling! Our expert team specializes in lanai screen installation and screen enclosure solutions, helping you create the perfect outdoor oasis to relax and entertain. Trust us to bring your vision to life and enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and start enjoying your new lanai screen installation!

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