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What to Consider When Building a Screened Porch


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A screened-in porch is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors without leaving your home. You can enjoy the fresh air, as well as the beautiful scenery, while the screen enclosures protect you from bugs, rain, and sun.

A screened-in porch is a porch that has been enclosed with mesh on the sides. This protects the porch from the elements, like a summer storm or mosquitoes. Building a screened-in porch can be a large undertaking that requires a permit, but it can also be worth it.

When planning to build a screened-in porch, there is a number of things to keep in mind to make the process go smoothly. Here are some things to consider when building a screened-in porch:

A Screened-In Porch Is an Extension of Your House

This means that it should be designed to complement the style of your home. If you have a traditional home, you’ll want to build a porch that fits that style. Likewise, if your home is more modern, your porch should reflect that.

Location Matters

Where will your screened-in porch be located? Will it be attached to your home or be a freestanding structure? If it will be attached to your home, you’ll need to make sure the location is suitable. The porch should be close to an entrance and have a level surface. If you live in an area with many bugs, you’ll want to ensure the porch is close to the house so you can quickly escape inside if need be. If you get strong winds or lots of rain, you’ll want to ensure the porch is protected from the elements.

You Need to Think About Its Purpose

When it comes to screened-in porches, one of the first things you need to consider is their purpose. Are you looking to create a space for entertaining guests, or do you want a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors? Once you know how to use the space, you can better determine the size, layout, and amenities that best suit your needs.

Choose the Right Screening Material

Various screening materials are available on the market, so selecting the one that best suits your needs is crucial. If you’re looking for privacy, opt for a material that blocks out light and doesn’t let people see through. For added durability, choose a heavier-duty material that can withstand the elements.

Consider the Roof

The roof is another critical element to consider when designing your screened-in porch. If you live in an area that gets lots of rainfall or snow, you’ll want to choose a roof that can protect you from the elements. For a more traditional look, opt for a shingled roof. For a more modern look, consider a metal roof.

Select the Right Flooring

The type of flooring you select for your screened-in porch will depend on its intended use. If you plan to use the space for entertaining, you’ll want to choose a durable and easy-to-clean material like tile or concrete. For a more relaxed space, opt for a material like wood or laminate.


Building a screened-in porch is a nice way to enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about bugs or inclement weather. There are some things to keep in mind when planning to build screen enclosures like a porch, such as a porch’s location, the space’s size, the type of screen to use, and the kind of flooring. With a little planning, a screened-in porch can be a great addition to any home.

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