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What You Should Consider before Getting Lanai Enclosures

Lanai Enclosure

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A lanai is a popular option for homeowners, especially those in warmer regions. It can add value and aesthetic appeal to your property by providing an additional living space to work from home, relax, and entertain guests. It’s also a great way to enjoy the great outdoors without leaving the comforts of your home. 

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to have a positive experience with this home addition if the space constantly faces the elements and pesky mosquitoes. For this reason, now’s the best time to invest in lanai enclosures. This home improvement project lets you transform your space from a wasted area into a lovely retreat. 

From the benefits to the design, this article will discuss what homeowners must consider before getting lanai enclosures. 

What Are the Benefits of Lanai Enclosures?

Investing in an enclosed lanai allows you to enjoy the great outdoors while still enjoying protection from the elements. It’s an ideal choice for Floridians who can use this space any time of the year, which is more cost-effective than building a full-sized sunroom. Lanai enclosures also protect you from wind and debris and increase your home’s overall value. 

Moreover, no homeowner would want pesky mosquitoes to bite their hands and feet when trying to relax after a hectic week. Fortunately, enclosing your space will offer you more privacy in your outside living area, where you can appreciate the view without worrying too much about those annoying insects. 

Additionally, enclosing the lanai will allow homeowners to transform it into a more functional space. You can install different systems for plumbing, heating or cooling, and entertainment. It will also let you design the outdoor seating and fireplace. Moreover, it’s the perfect place to show off your greenery.

How Much Will This Project Cost?

The cost of this home improvement project will depend on the size and materials you’ll use and the needed labor. The prices will also differ depending on the roofing material and if you want your contractors to install screens and windows. 

Moreover, the involved labor costs will depend on the project specifics. You can estimate how much you’ll need to spend by asking for a tailored and detailed cost estimate. 

How Long Will It Take To Enclose It?

The project’s timeline length to complete a design can vary greatly, depending on the space’s size and how much work your contractors have already finished. We recommend consulting a professional to get an accurate estimate of how long your project may take. Generally, it can take anywhere from one week to a few weeks to finish the project. 

What Are My Design Options?

Whether you want a partial or complete lanai enclosure, the design and materials will ultimately depend on your unique wants and needs. Your contractors will also offer different price breakdowns based on the existing structures.

After we’ve discussed the benefits, costs, and timeline length of this home improvement project, this section will now enumerate the two types of lanai enclosures you can consider:

1. Partial Enclosure 

We recommend investing in a partial lanai enclosure if you want to expand the use of your existing structure. It lets you enjoy the indoors and outdoors with extra protection from the elements. You can add doors or windows to enclose it partially while keeping one side open so you can still get some outdoor air and sunshine.

2. Full Enclosure 

A full lanai enclosure will feature a foundation, roof, walls, windows, or doors, which are ideal for year-round use. You can also install features like heating and cooling systems. 


Lanai enclosures help homeowners enjoy the great outdoors without leaving the comforts of their homes. Working with reliable contractors can help you get the most out of your investment. 

Precision Aluminum & Remodeling offers lanai enclosures in Cape Coral to help homeowners safely enjoy the outdoors. Our team is ready to guide you throughout the home improvement process. Call us now for more details!

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